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Above Snakes

Medium Above Snakes Tote

Medium Above Snakes Tote

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Medium sized 100% Cotton tote with Above Snakes logo on the front. Hand stamped in New Mexico. 

Dimensions: 15' X 16' 


If you were “Above Snakes”, the old west slang translated to mean “still alive".

We’ve taken the meaning a step further. When you shop at Above Snakes, you’re not just “still alive", but you are choosing to continue to live. You are choosing to stay above the ground, above what life throws at you. You are choosing to put one foot in front of the other, ultimately showing up for yourself. 

Our Mission is to create a community focused on bringing awareness to designers from all of the world that care deeply about sustainability, ethical practices, and consciously sourced materials. 

Our shop is filled with intentional pieces, both lifestyle and clothing, that are made to last and be a reminder to stay above ground and to keep thriving.

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