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Well Kept

Well Kept - Agave Soap Saver

Well Kept - Agave Soap Saver

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This agave soap saver doubles as an exfoliating washcloth. A pouch to collect all your soap scraps in. Soap saver cleanses and gently exfoliates skin simultaneously

  • naturally antimicrobial agave fibres so it stays clean between washes
  • made in Mexico with a stewardship program that provides in-school lunches to children who experience food insecurity

Pop all your small, leftover pieces of soap or a full-size bar, into the bag. Moisten to soften the agave fibres (the first time needs a longer dip) and gently sweep it over your skin in a circular motion. It comes with a drawstring so you can hang it up between uses, saving it from pooling water which can quickly degrade your soap.

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